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This new release 9-14-11 require that you uninstall your old version of My Photobooks and My Cards & Calendars. THe new soffware includes both programs in one software package.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is so special about your calendars/cards?
We offer a combination of the highest level of customization (with our free software), the best printing process and color management, and live US based support. We are about the quality of your output!

Q: How long will it take to get my calendar?
Normal-printing time is 4-5 business days plus shipping time. For orders over 100 you should add 2 day for proofing and 1 day for every 100 calendars ordered. (i.e. 300 hundred will take: proofing 2 days, printing 5 days shipping 2-5 days) During holiday period please allow more time due to the volume of orders. More details will be posted on our website regarding holiday deadlines.

Q: How are the calendar/cards printed?
We print calendars and cards on a Xerox printers. These are high-end press printing solutions providing excellent results.

Q: How does the calendar compare to one that I might buy in a store?
The calendar is printed on an 80lb card stock for durability and then punched and bound with a hole drilled for wall hanging purposes. It is similar in quality to many calendars that you might purchase in a store except that each product is customized by you.

Q: What can be customized on my calendar/card?
We offer the highest level of customization in the marketplace today. The calendars/cards can be fully customized including images within dates, collages, faded images as a background and much more.

Q: Are there limitation to what types of images I can use on my calendar?
We will not print materials that could give rise to any civil or criminal liability under applicable law. Or that promotes racism, hatred, bigotry, or harm against any group or person. We reserves the full right to refuse to print at our sole discretion, any output.

Q: Do you ship internationally?


Q: Can I add text in any language?
Yes, you can use any language or font on your system, the software will create a PDF before sending the file to print and embed all font info into the PDF.

Q: What can I do to make my calendar look it's best?
The calendars that look the best are those using high quality sharp clean images. The software will warn you of images that are below our recommended 150DPI. Try to use images 250 DPI or more

Q: Do I need to resize the image (if they are larger then 300DPI)?
NO. The software will resize the images to fit 300DPI before creating the PDF file and sending to print.

Q: Are there discounts for larger orders?
We do have volume discounts set up for personal orders and for business and fundraising calendars. Please view our pricelist for more information.

Q: The preview for my calendar looks out of order...why is that?
Certain calendar types (the center fold calendars) require double sided printing. In order to maintain the correct format for the printing, cutting, and binding of the calendar, thus the pages may appear to be out of order. There are not. The purpose of this preview is for you to look at the calendar to determine if it’s OK: spelling, text in place, right images selected, layout etc.

Q: My calendar uploaded but my shopping cart did not come up...what happened?
Sometimes security programs will block the opening of the shopping cart for you to complete your payment. There are two solutions to this problem. If you know the program causing the problem you can disable it for a short period of time. If not please note the time of your upload and a Job ID if one was provided for you. Submit a ticket to our support department by clicking here, (or Contact us at-866-660-9575 toll free) with this info (Job ID and time) and we will help you complete your order.

Q: The shopping cart says that I was sent a confirmation e-mail but I haven't received one...will my order be completed?
Normally the e-mail has been sent but probably has been caught by a spam filter or some other e-mail security. To confirm your order please contact us by submitting a ticket here with your name, Job ID, and a way to identify the calendar (i.e. cover page description) and we will confirm that we have received your order.

Q: Will I get a confirmation once the order has been shipped?
Yes. Once the order has been shipped you will get an email conformation.

Q: After installing the software and opening it all I get is a black screen..?
This problem has been resolved in the latest version of the software. Please upgrade your software.

Q: Can I make a 13 month calendar?
Calendars with more than the standard 12 months are available. Please contact us directly here or call us at 866-660-9575

Q: It's after January, can I start my calendar on a different month?
To start your calendar on any month or year start your calendar and choose that start period or if you've already started your calendar go to the personalize menu and choose "Calendar and Holidays"

Q: How can I transfer my personalized holidays from last years calendar to this years calendar?
Open your previously saved calendar. Go to the file menu and choose save as. Select a different name for your calendar and save it. Then go to the personalize menu and choose "Calendar and Holidays" Change the start year and month.

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